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Tuff Tread Fitness Commercial Treadmills

We build the smoothest, toughest, most durable, lowest maintenance, user-friendly treadmills on the planet. Really.

Our treadmills are preferred by gyms, schools, fire and police departments, apartment complexes, corporate fitness centers, off-shore oil rigs, military installations, olympic training centers, physical therapists and prisons.

Popular Features:

All Steel Frame - Incredibly durable, supports user weights up to 700 pounds!

RFT Coating - Won't scratch, chip, rust, flake, or peel. We use a material similar to high-end truck bed liners.

Flip-Up Grips - Comfortable, ergonomically correct handles that flip out of the way for serious runners.

Self-Cleaning Hood Compartment - Our cyclonic cooling and cleaning system uses two fans to keep dust and dirt off of the electronics and make them last much longer than any other treadmill's.

Indestructable Steel and Lexan Display Panel - Protects the expensive electronics from dropped dumbbells, spilled sports drinks, accidents and casual vandals.

Large, Low-Maintenance Running Belt - Our 21" x 63" running surface is one of the largest in the industry. And our belt and deck system never needs lubrication. EVER.

Flippable No-Lube Deck - The Super Deck is the strongest, longest lasting treadmill deck there is, and it never needs lubrication. EVER.

Zero-Load Motor - Our patented motor system has an off-set flywheel to reduce wear and increase motor life. Our motors NEVER burn up.


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Low maintenance, high value treadmills built right here in Texas, USA. User capacity of 700 lbs. Steel display panel. Indestructible finish. All our equipment is built to last - home, commercial, high speed and high performance equipment and training programs. Preferred for high-use and destructive settings like gyms, schools, apartment complexes, aircraft carriers, fire and police stations, military installations, off-shore oil rigs, and prisons.